Unity / Phasespace integration framework

A framework for integrating Unity with the Phasespace motion capture system for use in creating applications that use real-time data.

Important note about required libraries!

This framework relies on 'libowlsock.dll', which is provided by Phasespace to their customers. I am not including it in this repository to avoid distribution issues. To get this library, please contact Phasespace, and ask them for access to the Phasespace SDK.

Important note about .gitignore!

These files are ignored:

  • .DS_Store (Silly osx files that don't belong in repo)
  • *.sublime-workspace (user-specific settings don't belong in repo)
  • *.swp (vim)
  • *.dll (no binaries in repos)

Watch out for this when developing, don't let it bite you when moving projects around.

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