In a world were there seems to be a lot of political unrest, Unity provides a sense of community in regards to your advocacy for social change. With the power of GIS and app development, visualize your (un)silent supporters. Sourced from the Crowd Counting Consortium, the ArcGIS map displays the political protest distribution as of October 2020.

What it does

Unity shows a user's community of social advocates on a world map using ArcGIS. User's can find view protest data from the United States that aligns with their interest and advocacy!

How we built it

React, ArcGIS, Firebase, CSS

Challenges we ran into

Cleaning data from CCC was difficult because the protest data was not originally sorted by movement.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Aesthetic UI

What we learned

React is amazing! This was our first time using react for development, but definitely not our last time!

What's next for Unity

A messaging component is coming up next! User's will invite each other to contact local representatives and advocate for their causes together.

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