Many movies have portrayed what they would believe a 3d interactive file browser to look like. Although some of their interpretations may be artistic and popular they remain fictional, until today!

What it does

Unity File Directory is an open source interactive experience that allows users to manage their files on their PC with a MYO armband.

How we built it

As it's name suggests we create the Unity File Directory in unity. Using blender as a sculpting tool for all of our unity objects except for the built-in MYO armband controls and particle effects. All of our custom unity scripts are written in C#

Challenges we ran into

Problems we ran into involved learning how to use hardware we rented this weekend. We attempted to use the Oculus Rift in our project. Unfortunately, the Oculus Rift is not compatible with any of the computers we used, we spent many hours trying to fix this but could not find a solution.

note: Do not use the Oculus Rift on a computer using more than one GPU.

We also had some trouble figuring out how to use two MYO armbands at the same time, but found a solution to this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to develop awesome software products with hardware we just picked up less than 48 hours ago. We're also proud of creating our own collision script when the MYO hand interacts with the virtual representation of the file to imitate the act of picking up a file. Finally we're proud of all the hard work we put into to creating this over the duration of the weekend.

What we learned

How to use MYO hardware in Unity. How to reference library information in C#. How to export blender objects into unity

What's next for Unity File Directory

Unity File Directory is open source! However, it is not well documented due to the time limit, so we are probably going to go trough and make sure everything is documented before we add new features. Never-less, we are really excited to see what other github users are going to build with our project!

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