Unity Care needs a Central Donation tracking system that documents both incoming and outgoing donated items for youth & families.The office and the storage are at different geography demanding to a new mobile technology to capture the details into inventory. Examples include new and used clothes, furniture, backpacks, school supplies, & holiday gifts.

What it does

Captures the Incoming items and Outgoing goods along with details on both Android/IOS mobile devices and synchronizes to the Salesforce CRM.

How we built it

Talking to Debbie, brainstorming the requirements and writing a Use case to meet their needs. We built an application that can be accessed both in Android/IOS and web.The donation database is designed at Salesforce CRM which exposes the RESt API for the mobile application. The item details can be inputted both from mobile interface and

Challenges we ran into

Capturing the item details during no network and synchronizing the captured data at later point. Authenticating the Android/IOS application with the Salesforce Org. and avoiding the duplication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The mobile application captures the data during the offline mode and capable enough to synchronize to the CRM when there is a network. We enforce clean data at the time of capture at mobile and salesforce platform. The system ensures paperless transactions between the clients and the Development staff at the office saving a great amount of time and effort.

What we learned

Salesforce authentication, Salesforce REST APIs, IONIC, Angular

What's next for Unity Care Inventory System

Future of the Donation System is to extend it to a Order Fulfillment system. The clients are facilitated with online order functionality and get it picked from the office at their convenience.

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