Augmented Reality is a tool for an incredible experience in art. My name is Vera DG and I am a visual artist. I create my Augmented Reality Art working in the VR Helmet Oculus Rift and then I transmit it into the Spark AR. Spark AR allows me to create my Augmented Reality art world & it is a great feature that lets people become active participants of my art, giving them access around the globe just through the scanning QR code. They can interact, they can walk around, they can make photo and video and share their emotions and joy through social media.

AR installations & sculptures I am showing on the art exhibitions and performances. AR let me make people coauthors and active participants of the performance or installation in the art space. AR experience is giving a feeling of joy and the possibility to jump into the fantastic world. And this is very important.

What it does

AR world effect opens access to a fantastic world with abstract shapes, with lights and shadows, giving the sense of eternal light.

How I built it

I made a 3D shape working in Gravity Sketch in VR mask Oculus Rift, then I transmit it into the Spark AR, Added materials, color, and published

Who helped me

I had a team on Hackathon, but all they were beginners so they could not help me to improve that project, So I did all the job by myself. Anyway, I am thankful to all of them for their participation and contribution to our other unfinished projects!

Challenges I ran into

My challenge was in adding animation and fantastic color, still, I couldn't make it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I showed this effect to the public on the exhibition Andy Warhol Parallel program in Istanbul.

What I learned

I learned that AR gives endless opportunities to empower the world in a very positive way

What's next for Unity AR Art Experience

I want to learn more interaction and animation


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