While google map allow us to plan route with prescribed methods (drive, walk, public transportation), why cannot we have trip planner with all methods combined? Say if I want to go to AMC to watch a movie at 4pm, and now it is 3pm. If I take a Uber, cost is about $11. It will take me there in 10 mins. But what if I want to spend less money and don't care the time as far as it gets there before 4pm? If I have a bus pass, taking bus there will not incur extra spending. But if I google bus route, there is no such solution because I'm not close to a bus station. Walking there may take me 30 mins. By the time I arrive the closest bus stop, I just missed one and have to wait for another 30 mins and totally miss the movie. To us, there is an obvious solution: take a Uber to closest stop and catch the bus. Time: 5mins uber+40mins bus. Cost: $5.5 which is the Uber base fare.

But don't stop there! There are so many choices for local transportation nowadays. In Madison, we have bus, bike sharing service like B-Cycle, car sharing like Zipcar and Turo, other taxi services such as Green Cab, which could be a better choice than Uber under certain situation(they allow sharing taxi). We will combine them all and give you the best!

What it does

Ihe iOS app, a user can search their destination. The app requires routes from REST server, REST search database, query google direction, compare all possible combinations, and gives you the best choice under your constraint!

How we built it

iOS app as front end, Flask(Python) REST server as backend. Google Api for address searching and distance matrix.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for UniTravel

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