What is

A Unity Bluetooth Library for Windows and Embedded Systems communication. This is designed to making Bluetooth super easy to add to any project. Logo


With all the upcoming untethered VR and AR expereinces, we wanted to help create a way to help make bluetooth an easy integration for anyone. As of now, the main Bluetooth support in Unity is only for Android/iOS development. Windows has a very low support. Bluetooth 5.0 is going to be a huge improvement with its 48MBps speed and 800 Feet range. We are hoping to be the go-to source for all future Unity to embedded systems projects.

How to use

We are currently writing high quality steps and packaging up all the many parts to allow for easy intergration

Unity Packages

Python Package

Requires pybluez and bluetooth developmental headers (libbluetooth-dev).

User Installation:

pip install src/Python from the root directory of the repository.

C Packages

Want to help?

We are very open to any help with this project. Please read the Contribution information for more information.


UniTooth started development at Hack Illionis 2018

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