This idea was influenced by the idea that the First Look Fair is a once a year event that occurs on the UMD Campus. During the First Look Fair, students have the opportunity to find a club that matches their interests. However, after this event is owner, these clubs seemingly disappear. This is because clubs have great difficulty generating a large on-campus presence for themselves, especially in a humongous university such as UMD.

In addition, events are mostly communicated through miscellaneous spread flyers and emails, and students often hear of events of interest through word of mouth. 100s of events happen on campus everyday and there needs to be a way to organize them and match these events with students.

Furthermore, our app has the goal of generating a presence for new clubs through the simple implementation of a featured panel. A simple implementation can go a long way to make lives easier and better.

What it does

Currently, the front-end is partially in place for the picking the various uni-tools we will design for our campus. Uni-Tools strive to make the lives of students and faculty easier through simple and intuitive ideas. The back-end controls most of the front-end, so the learning curve of express, pug, and mongo stunted progress.

How we built it

ExpressJS, Mongoose

Challenges we ran into

Accidentally spending a few hours trying to fix a fundamentally wrong piece of code, callbacks, pug documentation very vague at times

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a sleek looking home page, learning new tools, learned back-end, middleware, and front-end design

What we learned

I personally learned how to generate front-end visuals through the back-end. My teammates learned HTML, CSS, and PUG.JS design.

What's next for UniTools

Continue building the app and eventually obtain advising to turn the app into a real business. Our current intended users are students at the University of Maryland, but we hope to expand this across campuses.

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