Inspiration : We started to talk about issue in our world today and the pages we made were our way of giving people some type of hope/resolution or solution to that issue. We thought during a stressful time maybe we could lighten people's load and take off some stress.

What it does : United To Help is a small website started by 4 passionate individuals. We created this website to lighten people's stress, find solutions or resolutions to issues they may be having, and connecting them to resources or solutions to their problems. This website directs its focus on helping people's mental health, Honoring those who have passed away or essential workers, Student struggles, and Covid Resources.

How we built it : We built it using html, CSS, and Javascript and a lot of dedication and late nights and early mornings.

Challenges we ran into : A main challenge we ran into was, no one was that much of a experienced coder, so all of our ideas were pretty difficult to do at first. Another challenge was timing, everyone has a life and dealing with their own situations and this project takes a lot of dedication, it's hard sometimes to set up times to meet with 4 people all at once. The last big challenge was communication, texting & emailing is not the same as talking in person and there is also the wait time for a reply back. But, we used our resources to power through and communicated the best way we could to get things done.

Accomplishments that we're proud of : We are proud that we were able to make our ideas become a reality that people can use as a resource or guidance. In all honesty, once we got to the actual coding we knew we had our work cut out for us and we had to give it our all if we wanted to make this happened and we did. Which is why we are proud that we were able to create this website as a resource to help others even with the challenges we faced.

What we learned : One of the main things we learned is that with heart, hope, motivation, communication and dedication you can truly accomplish anything and that nothing is impossible to do.

What's next for United To Help : United To Help was made to help people in anyway possible. So, with that our hopes is to keep that promise and in the near future update the website with new info as times change.

Tracks/sponsor prizes: Rising Tech Hack, Best Impact Hack, Best far out hack, Best domain registered with

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