School going kids love to learn differently. One of the most difficult part for my kids was to make them write. Hearing and learning is the best way for teaching kids. My kids prefer being asked questions, as they were yet learning spellings. Remembering was a major skill for them. I would ask them questions as we drove to school from the learnings from yesterday or previous classes. If i would ask them to write on a paper their interest would be lost, due to multiple reasons. Like my second grade kid would not know many spellings but knew the answer for most the questions. My fourth grade kid would love be challenged with tougher or tricky questions. This was a challenge for me as well, as i needed to read and phrase questions differently. With this inspiration, i found alexa is the right approach, where we can dynamically update questions and my kids would love playing it.

What it does

This skill has questions phrased in different ways, so it challenges the kids to think differently. The answer would be the same if asked a straight question. This initial draft of questions asks questions about different states or capitals or few known common places within United States.

How I built it

My sincere thanks to Alexa, for sharing templates for different skills developers would use. I took the template, and started to tweak based on understanding and need. Drafting questions was a challenge. Our kids learnt about different states and i personally read almost all the states top four important places/things etc.. and then framed the questions accordingly. The difficult and most time consuming was drafting the questions.

Challenges I ran into

There were few, but very interesting. An example, i told my kids about me putting up a trivia questionnaire, and i would be asked every alternate day when is it ready; Another example, my kid would learn something in school and ask me to post this question in the skill. This was very interesting. As i said earlier, drafting the questions was the most challenging, needed to keep higher standard and challenge for the kids.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build the skill in 1 day, and test it. It took me 10 days to build the questionnaire as it needed lot of thinking for drafting. Another success was, the skill was certified on my first submission.

What I learned

A lot about united states, brushing my geography skills. As i drafted questions, i needed to search few answers to ensure they were correct. Very easy to adopt and make things interesting for any individual using voice interaction. Adding sound was very interesting and kids love it.

What's next for United States Trivia

Couple of open items in my todo list are

  1. Setup a repository based on grade of the kid playing it.
  2. Enhance this to science and other general knowledge learnings which a kid should be aware off.
  3. Convert the skill to be available on show and spot so the images show up with the answer.

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