Hearing about campus events, organization meetings, special events, and student body communication in general is messy, disorganized, and happens through different means. However, what if there was an app that could unite all of campus life into one singular and centralized location. Unite will be the application to do that.

What it does

UNITE is a mean stack application that runs in conjunction with the Algolia API. Student Data is inputted by either the student's themselves or gathered by the app. Currently, a lot of the back end is done and there much to be implemented both back-end and front-end wise. Students will be able to search for organizations and club with the application prioritizing their preferences. Students can set up study sessions as well with fellow classmates through a Twilio implementation. Much more stuff to improve student life will be done in future hackathons.

How I built it

MongoDB, Express, Node, React, JS, JSX, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Algolia

Challenges I ran into

Callback Functions, Promises, Async, Node and Express Newbie

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishing a functioning and winning NodeJS and ExpressJS server app in one night

What I learned

Node and Express

What's next for UNITE

Future tools for the UNITE app will be implemented in future hackathons such as calendar organization, study session implementation on the front-end, front-end club and organization displays, and many more helpful organizational structures to help present student data in a more meaningful fashion

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