We were inspired by the possibilities of the Unique Network and the framework for working with NFTs that they provided, so we sought to make a useful and intuitive tool to work with the nesting capabilities of the technology.

What it does

It renders an NFT collection as an interactive graph. Right now you can view the graph, mint new NFTs and change the nesting structure.

How we built it

We used the Unique Network, Polkadot Extension and Crust to build the application, along with frontend technologies like D3, Next.js and React.

Challenges we ran into

  • Unique Network’s documentation was generally out of date or it’s code samples were no longer relevant
  • It was very difficult to make Unique Network compatible NFTs, from what I gather the public API for setting up the schemas were removed/replaced without updating the documentation
  • Some code samples were using outdated APIs (or ones which broke in the latest version)
  • Unique Network has a lot of great features, but it was missing some key components that prevented us from fully realising the potential of the hackathon. One feature we found lacking was fractional ownership. The documentation does mention support but we couldn’t find any implementation/documents to support those claims.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made D3 work with the nested NFT structure successfully, which we were proud of.

What we learned

  • Fully coded examples are really good, but some of them were using outdated APIs (cause of confusion)
  • Nested NFT structures have a lot of potential (we had ideas how to add utility around it, unfortunately Unique Network wasn’t ready for them just yet)

What's next for UniqueNetworks + D3

  • Will continue to experiment with the idea of nested NFTs
  • When support for creating marketplace compatible NFTs is once again reintroduced, we will update the hack and open it up as a tool for developers to explore their NFTs
  • Add support for working with external collections (depends on the above)

Built With

  • crust
  • d3.js
  • next.js
  • polkadot
  • uniquenetwork
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