Our inspiration for this hackathon comes from seeing many recycled ideas used in hackathons on Devpost from the same individual(s)

What it does

UniqueHack is a web app that serves to determine the originality of project submissions on Devpost. It compiles a list of hackathon projects that a judge can use to verify whether a similar project has been done in the past by one of the same contributors. If there is a similarity in one of the past projects, the judge is able to view those projects and can view the links to those projects. The similarity analysis is done using Google Cloud's Natural Language Processing API.

How I built it

Our application is built on React, NodeJS, and Express. We built a web scraper that crawls through a targeted devpost hackathon to check all the project submissions originality. The tools we used for this were cheerio and Google Cloud's NLP API. Cheerio was used for the scraping, and the NLP API was used to compare context of each project description and generate a similarity percentage based on the returned context and confidence.

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the Google Cloud SDK for NLP

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Setting up the NLP API tool from Google Cloud Creating an almost finished prototype

What I learned

How to use Google Cloud's API with their SDK and a little bit about Natural Language and comparing two sets of text Learning how to crawl websites

What's next for UniqueHack

Probably a better algorithm for determining similarity

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