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Because current campus map is too simple, many students and staff easily get lost. Some might be late for classes, some might miss campus events, others might be misled by the ambiguous instructions from the current map. We would like to create an 3D multifunctional mobile application, which focus on improving users' campus experience when they visit the university by using our app.

What it does

Unique Wing can provide guidance and navigation, helping users find their destinations. The app can also provide convenience to users by connecting various campus facilities like printing and booking systems by linking elentronic student ID in app. The app could guarantee users safety by setting in-app Emergency Buttons and users can seek help anywhere in campus. The app would provide different activities' information like Orientation and Open Day. Moreover, by the AR technology, users can even see what facilicities are included in a room.

How We built it

We need technologies including 3D, VR, GPS, Database and Big Data for market research and app design. Another key factor will be human resources, because we need various types of technical and marketing employees. We probably would spend six months in building the app. We will do several pre-release user tests, and then improve the app after collecting initial feedbacks.

Challenges We ran into

How we continuously attract customers (users) and investors (businesses).

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We would have lager potential market because the current UTAS map is really needed to be improved.

What we learned

We learn how to build a Business Model Canvas and how to do a pitch. We improve our skills in creative and critical thinking.

What's next for Unique Wings

We have made a rough budget forecast. We will make a more detailed budget plan. We also need to plan more details for pricing the products (advertising, premium package). We are also planning for long term. We might expand to other universities over the world.

Potential for impact

Our product will be environmental-friendly because using map app can reduce paper map (UTAS prints many map in various activities like orientation week). Our app improve visitors experience which can improve the university's reputation and help it attract more students, staffs and visitors.

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