Increasingly, our entertainment, education, news, and media information are being consumed in the form of audio through podcasts. The biggest and most influential platforms on the planet are no longer legacy media or social media companies, they are podcasters and creators. With this great shift in how we consume our information, comes great opportunity. When XRP announced NFT functionality on XRPL Network, an opportunity arose to better bring podcasters and their audiences together in an entirely unique way. This is where Zachary and Jonathan drew their inspiration to bring you guys’ Unique Pod!

What it does

Allows users to upload audio files and mint them into XRP NFT’s on a mobile device . Users can purchase NFT’s and set sale offer price of their minted NFT’s. Non members can view NFT's available for purchase and become a member with email signup at any time.

How we built it

We built it using React Native, nAuth SDK for login, IPFS for file upload, DocumentPicker for files, NextJS availability for web. We based our smart contract logic off of XRP docs.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints with busy schedule, mobile app learning curve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to incorporate lots of functionalities in short period of time. Providing legitimate value in the podcast space by leveraging XRP’s NFT functionalities . We are also proud of the fact that our application offers a solution in a space that doesn't have much NFT functionnality yet.

What we learned

React Native, mobile app development, Lucid Charts for MVP creation, minting/purchasing/selling on the XRP Network.

What's next for Unique Pod

Grant applications for turning this product into a reality to give podcasts an extra outlet to provide value for their audience.

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