This solution stemmed from the realization of that a lot of persons tend to be visually impaired. Whether it be the need to wear prescription glasses all the way to having mild or even severe color blindness. Obviously covering the need for all those with visual complications wont fit within the scope of our solution, but being able to optimize websites for those consuming them now is better than nothing.

This is a simple, lightweight plugin that optimizes websites in relation to their font size, style, saturation intensity and much more.

This plugin was built in javascript, using libraries like jquery and sweetalert

Initially, this plugin was intended to have an AI component to combat image ambiguity amongst users. However, due to external issues, this feature was not completely implemented.

We are proud of the fact that we managed to realize and attack a problem as big as this. As one could consider the discomfort of one who is suffering from visual ailments

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Although simple in theory, factors like time constraints and physical network restrictions can amplify the end product.

We plan to move further with this plugin, improving on base functionalities and AI capabilities whilst keeping the size of the plugin itself to a minimum

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