Going through the college application process, our parents were a great help to us from selecting a college based on its different aspects, and even down to selecting which classes we took for our first semester. Many students don't have that luxury, especially first-gen college students, as they lack the support system they require to make informed decisions. We wanted to help eliminate these disadvantages for these students by making information more accessible and putting it all in one place in the most comprehensive format possible.

What it does

UniPedia is a website that aims to display all the necessary information about a college in one place, so that students can be aware of certain aspects of a university before they make this important decision. UniPedia aims to make this information more accessible to the public, since at the moment it is very hard to make informed decisions with information all over the place.

How we built it

We used publicly available data about the top 5 universities in the D/FW area to show the correlation between a college's graduation rate and factors such as tuition rates and diversity among faculty. We used R to analyze our data and display it through different types of graphs. We also used Figma to create a high-fidelity prototype of what the UniPedia website would hypothetically look like and all the features that it would have.

Challenges we ran into

We hoped to code our front-end using HTML and CSS, but due to the time constraints that came with our detailed data analysis, we had to settle for a prototype created in Figma.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite all of the hurdles that we faced, we were able to push through and still create a visual product to accompany the analytical work that we did.

What we learned

We became more comfortable with using R as a programming language, which none of us knew too well before taking on this project. We also learned more about UX design throughout the process of creating our design and what exactly goes into making a high-fidelity prototype.

What's next for UniPedia

We hope to expand our product to include more colleges beyond the D/FW area, and also take into account other factors that potential college students would think about such as the social life on college campus, and the cost of living of the area around a university.

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