We approached the productivity problem from first-principles and asked ourselves “what is the main blocker for most people reaching their productive goals?” One of the main answers, to us, was the ability to interface personalized information, whether personal or career related. While Google may help you debug your tech stack, it’s much less good at debugging your life or helping you find the right person to do that with. Thus, enter Union: a community-centered app that helps you find new and old friends near you. Users create an account and enable location sharing. From there, whenever a user enters a new city, they can automatically see all other users in that city. In the future, users will be able to filter by communities (not just in the same city) - for example : “who are the other RDVU students in Boston?” or “who are all the CS students around the world interested in startups that went to Harvard?” Using data aggregation and cleaning techniques, the app can show users both registered and unregistered users, kicking off the network effect. In the long-term, we envision a world of much higher people-liquidity, where Steve Jobs could’ve met Steve Wozniak and built Apple even if they didn’t live down the street from each other.

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