While we use lots of Dapps on Blockchain, there is no mobile application providing native experience and one-stop Dapp platform on Solana, and we believe that is a barrier to prevent more users to easily enjoy innovative decentralized products and services. After our research, we choose Solana to develop our product due to the Low Gas Fee, High TPS, strong community, and lots of resources from Institutions.

What it does

UniOasis will be the ONE-STOP mobile APP service on Solanain, which includes wallet, dashboard, DEX, and saving product with Gamified NFT. We choose APP to implement our service because of more convenient and secure. We define 3 top features to show in Ignition, and they are: (1) One-Stop portal of news, app service, and market price; (2) Unique dashboard to user’s portfolio; (3) Provide Service such as swap, lend, borrow, farm, derivatives with Gamified NFT in one platform.

Our target of Potential Impact the growth of Solana Ecosystem

We are aiming to build a one-stop platform such as FTX or Binance but in a decentralized way. User can trade, save, play with NFT and so on, we believe that will attract users to stay in Solana ecosystem instead of transfer assets to other blockchains or centralized exchanges.

How we built it

  1. First part, team had done market research from different ecosystems and projects, then we defined style, main structure, and the top features which we want to build into the app. We also discussed the user flow and the layout of each main page.
  2. In the meantime, since we didn’t work in Solana structure before Sep., the whole team tried very hard to learn how to build on-chain program in Solana, and finally, we got progress to build the app and service.
  3. By extremely urgent timing, we have to prioritize which functions working and which functions showing only. (A) At least we have to present the whole picture of APP Design; (B) Home page design and market are the 1st key to build up; (C) The basic function of wallet including send/receive need to be ready as well; (D) Dashboard is another key to perform the difference of project which has to be ready as well. (E) NFT asset can be displayed on wallet page (F) Swap and candlestick chart is the first on-chain program we are building and interacting

Challenges we ran into

The learning curve to build function in Solana is very challenging. Migration from Ethereum to Solana, engineers not only cross the barrier of coding language and structure but also need to take lots of work to lookup many source code to interact with different protocols, some Solana library is not even working on mobile. The other big challenge is limited resources. We only have 3.5 people and 6 weeks to plan what to do and implement the key part of the project. We are so happy that we have been through these challenges and make it happen in Ignition!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. APP main structure completed and workable on Solana.
  2. One-Stop Design has been well performed on the Home page
  3. Dashboard design is able to upgrade the user experience.
  4. Basic functions are ready such as market, wallet, NFT, and swap.
  5. We use 6 weeks less and 3.5 people to make it!

What we learned

  1. Solana structure and the way to build the on-chain program
  2. How to interact with Solana on-chain program
  3. The confidence to build unique service, make differentiations, and launch to the market

What's next for UniOasis

As a new startup team, our top priority is to make our product available to the market ASAP. We plan to complete the main functions and officially launch in early Q1/2022. In our Go-To-Market strategy, community is the most important key for exposure and growth of platform, therefore we are planning to reward some loyal community and provide Gamified NFT from multiple missions on our platform to gain more reward.

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