There are many math resources available online for high school students but there is not so much for university students. UniMathHelp can help university students with math concepts

What it does

uniMathHelp demonstrates university math concepts like a course notebook, except that you can do calculations on those math concepts or use them to demonstrate what the mathematical concept does

How we built it

On the frontend, we created a html file as user interface. On the backend, we use a python script to do all the mathematical calculations

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, all our team members are super busy during hackathon times. One team member has to focus on homework while another has to take a driver's license test. The project simply couldn't be made to a remotely satisfactory state. This is also the first time we worked with html, so we ran into a bug that we couldn't fix in time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for uniMathHelp

Despite the horrendous state of the project currently, we believe that the project is a great idea and we will update it in the future when we have time

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