Ever faces challenges storing your links? and sharing with your friends or fellows? Does it happens that many a times you forgot what the link is about that you are currently staring upon? If these things happens with you then you aren't alone!

Whether you are a kid, student or professional in this world we have so many links and we often faces challenges managing them.

Then don't worry you arrived at the right place, UNILink is all about managing the links , organizing , sharing with others.

There is also a Presentation slides of the app : PPT explaining the app in depth

What it does

Unilink makes it easy to organise and share your links with others. This tool is all about managing , sharing and organizing collections of links. You have bundles of links to share with? then don't worry share one link instead of many! To get everything in details , move ahead to /aboutus page of the site.

After links processing you get meaningful links, Yes not just the plain url text.

How i built it

I built it using python and javascript and i used Djnago as the web framework. You need not to add titles or description of your links , files handles it , i used web scraping approaches like scraping SEO Meta tags using the libarry beautifulsoup4 and requests module to ping and get the contents of the webpage.

Challenges we ran into

The main link processing part was a bit difficult also the lack of time was main challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that it will help kids, students or maybe professional to manage their links one of the examples is MLH link collections which contains all the important links! go get it explore on the site.

What we learned

By creating this app i learnt:

  • web scrapping.
  • integrating with database
  • creating full stack web app.
  • designing the UI.
  • various pythonic operations
  • Deployment using Heroku
  • Fetch requests & securing them
  • Making responsive UIs.

What's next for Unilink

Integrating a authentication system and, building a set of APIs.

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