Choices abound, which school is the “best fit”, best “bang for the buck”, and how will a student define a successful choice? For example, a student may be accepted into two very different schools. The first being large university with international recognition, the other, a smaller private liberal arts college without the same recognition, but with a more regional focus. How do you and your student pick the “best” one?

A major percentage of students who aspire would be working and would have no time to research on the university or the course. They will have to believe the consultant or friends or family who have studied in that university (what are the odds). There is a wide information barrier. The consultants charge a lot of money for stale and useless(sometimes wrong) information. Also the international students don't have the luxury of campus walks through. Even if the aspiring student has time and does research, it should be in the right direction. Existing online Platforms, forums and blogs like quora or require a lot of time, effort and patience to get reliable information about the university or course.

What it does

UniKonnect aims to bridge that gap by bypassing the third party; it connects aspiring students directly to students of the institution they wish to gain admission to. Thus, it allows all high school students a cheap, highly effective alternative to expensive counselling programs many cannot afford straight from someone in a similar age group with first-hand experience, and it offers University students an alternative, convenient source of income.

How we built it

  1. Used cisco spark for video chat, calls and messages.
  2. Used angular front-end and node.js backend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We provide realtime, accurate and quick info about the courses and universities straight from the horses mouth (you guessed it - current students). Now the advisor(university student) would have already done extensive research and would be having all good and bad experiences with the whole process of graduate studies. We would allow them to leverage that knowledge/ experience to guide aspiring students and make extra cash in the process. That way it is a win-win situation at both the ends.

What's next for UniKonnect

Include filters that get you the best advisor

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