Many students don't get an opportunity to connect with their school community and join clubs that cater to their interests. This is especially true when promotion for clubs are scattered on many different social media platforms. Both introverted and students who are not active on social media may miss out on opportunities to meet like-minded individuals, become a leader, and stay organized. UniHub will benefit students during periods of both online and on-campus learning and ensure that they are staying active in their school community.

What it does

UniHub is a centralized system for university scheduling where students can view upcoming assignment deadlines, club events, applications, lectures and more. There is a general dashboard where students can explore different clubs. If the student wishes to get an overview, they can click on the calendar tab. The most efficient part is that all the club and university related deadlines are already synced and the student has the option to create general monthly goals to personal daily tasks all in one.

How we built it

We designed the prototype on Figma. The process began with inspiration, then low-fidelity wireframes, and then high-fidelity wireframes.

Challenges we ran into

Deciding what features and ways to layout the design of the app was a major hurdle to overcome. It was very overwhelming to think of all the different pathways we could have taken to reach the end product. Choosing a colour palette was also a bit challenging as we wanted the theme of the app to be both professional for school and fun at the same time. We also ran into the unfortunate challenge of having to rewrite this project story due to it not saving the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel accomplished in discovering the pain-points of university students who may not feel as included in the typical university life. This is a huge issue with inclusivity and disconnection when it comes to those who are more introverted which has been worsened due to the pandemic. This gives a chance for students to reach out to club members or other peers to feel more included while staying on top of deadlines.

What we learned

We learned to prioritize and pinpoint the most important features that a student would need while using this app. As students, we understood the necessity of a platform where all clubs, schedules, deadlines, and calendars could be found. Lastly, we also learned to always save copies of a written piece just in case it does not save the first time.

What's next for UniHub

For UniHub to grow, it would need to connect with more universities to breadth, as well as put its focus on creating the most efficient method to notify students to balance all their commitments. Moreover, this app would need to focus on creating the best personalized experience to introduce students to new clubs as well as keeping the suggestions relevant.

Built With

  • figma
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