Have you ever seen a Chrome extension that allows user to input and run Python code?

Well, there are very few Chrome extensions out there on the Chrome Store that allows this.

However, all of them were implemented using special libraries that compiles Python code into Javascript and hence runs in the browser.
This means none of the existing Chrome extensions supports importing modules, and all of them are just toys and used by beginners for fun and syntax learning.


  • allows user to run REAL Python in Chrome browser
  • try out new ideas and learn new things "on the go" while surfing Python Tutorials / Stack Overflow
  • save your progress, and load the script whenever needed
  • built-in variables for the extension, such as accessing current url and web content
  • easy automation and integration with other components such as data analytic tools, machine learning models, etc (available in future updates)
  • cloud scripts for sharing & downloading (available in future updates)
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