Symbiotic Memory Optimizer

The Problem.

You’re a busy student. You’re taking a lot of courses. They’re content-rich and staying on top of the material is a weekly struggle.

You take your lecture notes in Word or Evernote, and you might even revise key points with Anki by carefully copying them across. (Yes, manually. You deserve a medal.)

It’s awfully time-consuming, and by the time SWOT VAC rolls around, you’ve probably given it up entirely. But what if we told you that study didn’t have to require willpower?

The Solutions

“Disrupt your procrastination. Disrupt your grades.”

With its smart reminder system, ThisApp knows exactly when you need to revise. From the time you enter your notes, ThisApp calculates and schedules your next revision session. And like any good study buddy, it prompts you to review and gives you exactly what you need when you do.

“No more excuses!”

Keep your latest notes fresh where it matters most: your mind. You can generate Flash cards straight from the interface – simply grab what you need and click to create. Don’t mess with styles and decks!

Revise Anywhere

Unlike MS Word files or Anki cards, your notes are automatically stored in the Cloud -- accessible no matter where you need to study. Never fear a laptop or tablet failure again!

Built-in Speed Reader

Swamped by readings? Use cutting-edge neuroscience to help you demolish your notes in half the time with ThisApp’s built-in speed reader. With settings of up to 60 words per minute, you can blaze through your review.

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