What happens when you are gluten free, lactose intolerant and allergic to nuts?

  • Grocery shopping becomes a nightmare.
  • Finding food you can eat is inconvenient.
  • It is easier to eat the same old food that is safe but you may miss out on new food introduced to the market
  • Other people just don't understand your dietary needs.

The Allergen Filter provides exactly what users with dietary requirements need. Built on a framework of a Django search engine and SQLite database, it allows users with dietary requirements to find out exactly what food they can or can't eat. The front end development uses bootstrap 3 and javascript with display built in through html and css. Some of the features of the site include

  • A barcode or text search for easy input
  • Visual friendly icons and food ingredient descriptions
  • A database compiled from different major supermarkets

A user can use the website in one of the following ways. First, they add their allergen preferences in the allergen search bar. If they have a barcode of a product, they can enter the number in the search bar and the item will show up with its picture, ingredients and allergen information. If they would like to search a broad category of foods, they caa

This idea is original and unique. Although there are databases filled with recipes that cater for dietary requirements, no _ one _ database exists for compiling allergen information of supermarket items or raw ingredients. What if you're at a friend's house for dinner and the food is already cooked? By checking through all the ingredients used in the recipe, you can know whether your meal is safe to eat. Secondly, the barcode scan of products provide a very quick and definitive 'Yes' or 'No' answer. No more need to look at the ingredients list for items along the aisle.

Our site is currently only a prototype and lacks the number of items that a large scale supermarket item database should contain. We anticipate that as the database grows and more users are added to the community, digital storage space, mobile friendliness, cross platform portability and data analytics to preference search results will become important considerations.

However, growth will also create many opportunities for revenue and expansion into the area of dietary health education, partnering with major and minor shopping outlets, restaurant owners wanting to better understand their dietary customer's needs and building a proactive community that supports one another who have dietary health needs.

(Note: The site requires Python 3.6 to run)

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