The Unigrid Foundation aims to build a low-level backbone for a truly decentralized Internet. Unigrid is the next natural step in the evolution of the Internet. A load balanced network that is completely anonymous and resistant to eavesdropping. The segmented design features sharding, data striping and parity blocks - creating a network that protects against service disruption and data loss.

The former Darkcoin project originally developed the concept of masternodes aiding and providing the network with specific services. The Unigrid network takes this approach and develops it further into service nodes called gridnodes. These specialized gridnodes have the purpose of providing the network with storage space, communication channels and compute cycles. Ordinary network nodes and wallets communicating on the network can send shards of work to these gridnodes. Like transactions, sending these shards of work costs a certain amount of Unigrid tokens.

As the network grows and more gridnodes come online, the compute power and storage space of the network will increase. Organizations and end-users will be able to rent these resources and store data and applications in a safe and redundant way.

Connecting directly to the ordinary Internet exposes your personal information to external parties. In order to avoid this leaking of personal data, many Internet users use a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This helps to protect your personal data by creating an encrypted tunnel to the Internet. However, the question is - can you fully trust the VPS provider? Unigrid providers a SOCKS tunnel that allows anonymous Internet access in a more secure way than TOR (onion routing).

Visit the website for more information. Our blog also contains additional information.

What's next for Unigrid

We're currently in the early stages of fundraising now and are actively looking for help to bring the vision to life.

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