Ever been part of 50,000 fans who cheer for the same artist at a stadium concert? Adrenaline that comes from such experience is difficult to forget. With Unight, you can easily recreate the experience, with your cell phone alone.

What it does

Current centralized cheering activity requires a specific artist-designated light stick, programmed for a specific event by a single administrator. Unight allows any moderator to upload a slogan photo, and automatically distributes the image to the crowd's cellphones so that each member of the crowd becomes part of the larger image.

How we built it

Javascript, Node.js, React, AWS S3, Express, JIMP

Challenges we ran into

None of us had any exposure to any of the frameworks / tools used in this project. It took significant time to realize what we had to learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successfully created the application that achieves our goal using entirely new technology.

What we learned

Everything used in this project!

What's next for Unight

  • Implement socket functionality in order to expand services to include multi-media such as video
  • Scale the application to efficiently handle high traffic
  • Create mobile application for accessibility
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