Unifyle, from Primadesk, is the premier virtual file management solution for enterprises, that adds cloud-like functionality to existing file shares, so users can be more productive, on more devices, wherever they are.

Unifyle is a 100% on-premises solution that connects existing file shares (SharePoint, ShareFile, FTP, file servers, etc.), as well as cloud file shares (Drobbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc.) to allow for unified search, secure sharing and easy management and editing of all files, even from mobile devices.

Users may take advantage of unifyle from PCs and Macs, either through a browser interface, or through WebDAV, which shows all of your file shares in folders on a mapped drive for seamless access from all of your applications. Users on iOS and Android devices have access to the Unifyle mobile app, which gives all of the functionality in a mobile-friendly interface.

Xen App integration: Unifyle allows mobile users to find files anywhere, and open them directly in applications hosted on XenApp, without bringing the files to the device. Files may then be saved directly back to the original location, making XenApp even more productive and friendly for mobile users.

ShareFile integration: Unifyle treats all corporate and cloud file sources equally, allowing users to seamlessly bring files to ShareFile and work with ShareFile documents in the same console as all other file sources.

XenMobile integration: The mobile apps are available from Google Play and the App Store, and are available in the Worx certified wrapped version called Unifyle for Xen. For customers using XenMobile, Unifyle for Xen supports the added mobile management features offered by the XenMobile solution.

Unifyle for Xen (Android and iOS) is verified to be compatible with XenApp, XenMobile and ShareFile

Unifyle for Xen (Android) is available from Google Play

Unifyle for Xen (iOS) is available from the App Store

Benefits for IT Administrators

  • Installs on premises in less than 60 minutes
  • Integrates tightly with existing corporate security
  • Files can be shared with anyone without copying or compromising security
  • Encryption may be applied to existing file stores
  • Full reports on file deletions, sharing and usage

Benefits for Users

  • Search, manage, edit and share enterprise files from any device
  • Edit files with native apps then save back to the same location
  • Mobile access to file shares that is as simple as using Dropbox
  • Synchronize select file stores to your PC or Mac
  • Unified search across ALL file stores at once

Unifyle leverages existing enterprise and cloud-based file stores, with no need to move, copy, relocate or migrate anything. Unifyle is a secure on-premises virtual file management service that helps users securely work with their documents from anywhere using any device. Employees can access all the corporate file storage (file servers, SharePoint, FTP servers, etc.) from anywhere and edit or share files with ease.

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