Accountant problem..

"Clearing these overdue invoices is such a pain. I have been calling them every week for the past month. Still not cleared. I wonder what's holding them up? If this continues, it will start to impact on our working capital. My boss will start to think I'm not doing my job effectively. How can I have an easier life?"

Account Manager problem..

"The customer has purchased products from us before. I don't understand why I cannot close this current deal. It's never been this hard. What's going on? If this continues, I'm not gonna hit my quota. ahhh! I wish I know what's holding them back?"

What it does

UnifiedVU Platform is a blank canvas highly adaptable to solving most problems. It introduces virtual integration to the mass. Data Governance ensured from ground up. It does not store data locally - keeps silos intact - all in real-time.

UnifiedVU integrates Xero accounting software with all your favourite cloud SaaS web applications on to one screen to increase productivity. It identifies and fix reasons for late payments, sync Invoices with Bills, identify sales deals under threat, see the single truth about your customer or supplier in one place, and more.

How I built it

We dedicated one of the team members to develop Xero related solutions.

Challenges I ran into

Dealing with Xero API for complex searches.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What we built makes our lives a little bit easier. We are eating out own dog food.

What I learned

Xero world is growing very fast.

What's next for Revenue blocker analysis and better debtor management

Ideally getting listed on Xero App Market and communicate its benefits to the world.

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