We were inspired to better connect patients with their medical data. We also wanted to create a more transparent process for requesting and storing your medical records. This can truly ease the process of sending over medical data to insurance providers. We felt that it was very important for patients to have more control over their own medical data. We were concerned about the privacy and security of our medical records. How do you know who has access to these records? Former Physicians? Insurance providers? We plan to put the prioritize keeping your data safe and in your hands so you can control who has access.

What it does

A virtual platform for patients to have access to their medical records, billing history, and information on insurance coverage. Really we wanted to create a platform that encompasses everything medical related to give everyone a better grasp on their health. Our software today allows users to create an account, store basic medical data, and request medical records from any health provider, physician, etc.

How we built it

We used Java for all of this project. We used Java Swing for our UI elements. We created multiple different user screens for users to create their account, sign in, navigate our tools, and request medical data. We used Apache pdfbox to autofill all of our request forms using the data provided by the user upon signing up and filling out the request form.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many issues at the beginning with trying to make this a website because neither of us had much experience with web development. We soon saw that we would not get too far in our product we were passionate about if we continued with web development. We were both comfortable with Java so we decided to learn to use Java Swing to develop our UI. We also ran into some problems with GitHub but it was a great learning experience for the future to learn more about using this tool.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were very proud that we were able to save our user's login data for future login purposes and were able to use this later on in filling out their request forms. This makes the process so much simpler for our users. We were also very proud of this idea we came up with and believe in the future it could be a huge help to many people who have trouble keeping all of their medical data together.

What we learned

We have never used the Java Swing library to create our User Interface. We were able to learn how to compile and use pdfbox reader with Maven. We learned how to appropriately use GitHub when more than one hacker was working on the same file. While we ran into many issues with GitHubs pushing and pulling we truly learned how to address issues with GitHub. Editing a PDF using Apache pdfbox was a big learning curve, but we can see many use cases in the future for this software platform.

What's next for Unify Medical

First and most important we will implement a database to securely store all the patient's medical data and work more on the page to display and organize it aesthetically. The ability for patients to send and choose the medical record that is sent to insurance or to a physician before an appointment depending on the situation. (Such as referrals and regular checkups) Work on the front end of the system to make it more visually appealing. The ability for patients to directly insurance providers for quotes and concerns on coverage for procedures. Specifically, we would have like to create some information about our “company” and provide some contact information and Q&A tab for the future improvements on the welcome page. For the future, we would like to include a Forget password option for users to change their passwords at the login page. Additionally, we would check password strength as it is important to have a strong password for medical information platforms at the registration page and provide guidelines. We will also differentiate between admin, web developers and users (doctors, patients, insurance agents, insurance providers) at the registration page. We would alert the user of the specific cases where they need to fix or fill in the response for at any of the user input pages. Furthermore, we would like to include extra security questions as a double authentication. Future modifications can also include a messaging option to send the patients/users information updates on medical records received and sent. We want to create a section where the user can view their billing history and even directly request insurance companies to answer their questions about coverage. Overall, there are some features we would like to add to make the user feel comfortable using this software.

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