Initially, the idea was to create an application to help low-income farmers fund their student tuitions, but the idea expanded into an application that would help anyone, particularly those belonging to the low-income bracket, to find different options to fund their college tuition, whether from federal aid, private student loans, or familial contributions.

What it does

UniFund helps the user find different options to fund their college tuition by narrowing it down according to school and eligibility for various student loans or aid.

How I built it

We plan to implement this app as an Android app, so we have a few programs in Java that will sort and output the data we'll need. However, due to time constraints, we built a mobile responsive web page.

Challenges I ran into

**Figuring out how to link the Java code we wrote to our mobile responsive web page

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

**FAFSA and FriendFund

What I learned

Sorting algorithms

What's next for UniFund

Improve UX/UI, improve algorithms,

Built With

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