As International students we understand that finding a right university can be difficult, especially with all of the great universities around, but not all universities are good at every course, and there are not good resources on the web to tell us which uni is good at which course, all we get to know is rankings in general. So we built this site to help future international students with this problem.

UniFind searches up universities based on a desired country. Our Project also gives links to the application pages of universities where students can apply to the university, Unifind has a feature to sort universites according to the national/global rankings.

We used technologies like python, html5, css, json, node.js, sql and cmd to build this website by taking data from university websites into our database. We divided the tasks into 2 parts - front end and back end , 2 of us worked on front end while 2 of us worked backend , after the front end was completed we all started working together on the backend and then moving onto the front end.

We faced a lot of challenges building this website as each of us we're from different backgrounds and different levels of programming language and had trouble with interfacing the different tools and languages we used. We got stuck on gathering data from the sql server, and had trouble trying to retrive the data for a long time, then we decided to use json file and use cmd to parse it and put it in the website.

We learned many cool and new things like how to use new technologies like node.js, python, sql, firebase, AWS servers in a short span of time. Most of us had no previous experience in using these languages and tools.

In future updates, UniFind will be able to perform program and degree specific searches in that country, it will show universities ranked according to the program of the user's choice. Unifind will also be able to compare many universities at the same time.

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