For our HackSheffield6 Project, we've decided to create a finance-based mobile app with integration with Googe Cloud's services. The thumbnail for our project is a mock up of the custom v a p o r w a v e skin, but we didn't have enough time to implement it. But its real!


Reciept Interpreter

Enables users to upload or take a photo of a receipt/invoice and have it automatically inputted as a spending entry in the account overview. This is made possible with Google's Vision ML kit to detect text from a given document.

CapitalOne Account data retrieval

Using the demo API from CaptialOne, the app is able to retrieve transaction details from the account, as well as its metadata such as spending categories, etc. This is to be interpreted in list and graph form together with receipt interpreter, provides a comprehensive overview of both cash and cashless spendings.

Moving on

We will continue to work on this project and implement the vaporware skin and toggle fully, as well as expand the possibilities of the raw data from reciepts.


As the first project we have done at a hackathon, although we've had ambitious plans for it, in the beginning, it turned out to be a respectable product.

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