We want to conduct a chat between users of different region and allow those with different language to chat freely with each other.

What it does

    This is intended to be a chatting room over certain topics so that people of different environment and culture can share their thought without having been limited to the region and language.

How we built it

    We set up a server on raspberry pi and constructed a python socket server remotely. Then we build the UI in Swift to cooperate those two.

Challenges we ran into

   Some of the libraries that we ran into has conflict independency. Also the internet has been not stable during this weekend, and we experienced some connection issue with the server. 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

   Beautiful UI design & server construction

What we learned

   The most of the stuffs that we use here (raspberry pi, Swift, Microsoft API, etc). It was our first time using those technologies.

What's next for Unifier

   Voice translation, Picture analysis and processing of the image that user send

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