“Unified Health System”

Background of the Medical System in Nepal

In present the patient needs to manually carry his/her medical reports, test reports, medical prescriptions with him/her and in a serious complication of a patient the number of medical reports will be so high that some files may get lost due to which the patient need to give the report again and again and also carrying the huge number of reports again and again will be very hectic and uneasy and in some case the patient may get die due to consumption of wrong medicine.

What is a Unified Health System ?

Unified Health System is a platform which helps to centralise the medical reports of a patient which can only be accessible by Hospital which will further give clarity to the doctors about the existing medical history of the patient and will somehow contribute to save the lives of people by making easy access to the patients reports.Every citizen will be provided a national medical id just like a citizenship certificate which will be used by the hospital authority to post the patient’s reports.

API used

Custom node js api.

Every Nepali is entitled to receive healthcare; it is a constitutionally recognised right. The quality of service provided to a patient can be improved if the hospital treating the patient knows in detail about the services in other hospitals.

Patients undergoing long-term treatment are referred to different hospitals if their past details are not known. In this process, they have to spend extra time and money. Therefore Unified Health System may be implemented in all the hospitals of the country and all the government and private hospitals in the country should be linked to this system in order to provide quality services to the patients at affordable prices.

The system is directed to record the health data of every citizen and provide access to every authorised healthcare professional. They include all the necessary modern tools for healthcare professionals to manage their patients well and it should be free of cost for them. Without an effective electronic medical record, it is risky to initiate changes to improve the country’s health system.

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