UniFi - Wifi sharing Dapp built on Ethereum. EthLondon, Feb 2020

UniFi is a wifi sharing app that leverage the resale of unused data from your wifi.


  • There are a lot of wasted bandwidth on private wifi networks, as they are not in constant use.
  • Consumers are overpaying for service they do not use at full capacity.
  • You cannot access private internet on a minute by minute basis. The only existing solutions are public wifi, which are insecure, expensive and require to share your private informations.


We propose leveraging existing broadband contracts which are not used at their Full potential with people who need flexible access to the internet. Our solution is built around the following features :

  • privacy
  • ease of use and access
  • fair and transparent payment model, based on pay as you go.

Smart contract are used to:

  • onboard users and top up their balances
  • manage data usage and prevent malicious actions
  • Enforce access restriction based on pre-defined terms of use

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