We were inspired to make a simple yet helpful web application that would challenge us mentally as none of us had ever made a web application.

What it does

The website is based around a simple user input based list which is then sent to a recipe API powered by This API returns recipe data based on the filtered queries that we sent. The top 3 recipes are then shown with pictures, titles, and a link to the original recipe.

How we built it

We started by building the frontend using HTML5 and CSS3 and some helpful frameworks. Then in order to make the website functional we integrated ES6 JavaScript. We were able to make use of the Recipe API in order to get helpful information which we then filtered.

Challenges we ran into

Since none of us were experienced with web development, it was a challenge for all of us to do pretty much everything that was more advanced than HTML. It was particularly difficult when we were deciding how to deal with the API, either using unirest with Node.js and Express.js, or with basic JavaScript like fetch or jquery

What we learned

We learned a great deal about how APIs work and how important it is to store and deal with the data that we get from such services. We also learnt that making a simple application can be quite difficult.

What's next for uniEdibles

We plan to hone our skills in web-development and then come back familiar with more technologies and rebuild the app to make it better.

To try our website out, pull the github repository and run index.html!

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