This project is a personal pain when I was 18 an overwhelmed overburdened student who was unable to decide which path she should need to choose. in midst of this chaos of indecisiveness, she wasted 365 days of her career journey. The same goes for 50 Million students of Pakistan where 90% of students are not aware of the career fields available for them in the market rather than medical and engineering.

What it does

we connect students from different schools, colleges, and universities to Pakistan's best mentors, psychologists, and subject matter experts. who will go through the entire process of career mapping of respective students and will connect with best files and university as per their aptitude, interest, and job market realities

Achievements that we are proud of

We were the only startup selected from Pakistan among 40 Asian countries under SDG4 to pitch our innovation at the All Asia pacific conference at China Guangzhou


Being a female founder of a company in Pakistan is one hectic job. Choosing a  business field, working on an idea, and converting that into a business plan has never been a piece of cake. My journey has involved a lot of compromises, sacrifices hard work, and a lot of determination. But the recognition and appreciation I have received have only made my resolve to keep going, stronger. Today, I am proud to work on SDG4 for my beloved country.

Unidesk "By the youth, for the youth of Pakistan".


we learned different aspects of technology being a founder from the management field.

What's next for Unidesk

Unidesk envisioned to be the biggest marketplace for career counseling in Pakistan.

Built With

  • webframework
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