I've always been interested in AR so decided to play around with it in the hackathon. I was inspired by the theme of making a project with both unicorns and dinosaurs in it, and the theme of including a spartan. The game I made is for mobile android devices.

What it does

The game is a turn based fighter game where you choose moves linked to your character to fight AI. You play as a unicorn, and the AI plays as the dinosaur. The unicorn has the following moves: Neigh, Kick, Rest and Spartan Army. The dinosaur has the moves: Bite, Roar, Chill Out and Chomp. Each move has different stats relating to it that either damage the opponent or increase their own defences. Each character has a special move - the unicorn has Spartan Army, and the dinosaur has Chomp. These are both high damage attacks, however they mean you have to skip your next turn to recover. When Spartan Army is played, the unicorn puts on a Spartan hat, and calls out a battle cry. All of the moves have sound effects (some recorded by myself, and some sourced from royalty free sites) and particle systems associated with them.

You can view the battle taking place through the camera on your phone as it is made with augmented reality. The characters will show up when certain objects are on screen - for fun I decided to make these objects the logos of the different sponsors of the event.

How I built it

I used vuforia to help me set up the cameras in the scene, and to help detect the symbols for each model. The models were all created and textured in the program Maya, and then imported into Unity. I programmed all of the GUI and fighting mechanics in Visual Studio, and I drew some additional textures in my drawing software.

Challenges I ran into

I had issues focusing the camera at first with vuforia, so I looked into the problem and used advice from various different forum posts to help me build a script to make the camera focus properly. I also initially found it confusing trying to set up more than one model to appear on the screen, but I quickly solved this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really proud that you can actually see the models I made in AR - it turned out better than I expected. I am pleased with how the fighting system turned out, and the models in such a limited time frame. I am very proud to have worked on my own as I achieved things I didn't think I could.

What I learned

I learnt how to successfully use the software vuforia, how to create a battle system that switches states, and how to us particle systems. I also learnt how to import and play audio, and how to use Maya models in Unity.

What's next for Unicorns V Dinosaurs AR

I would like to add animation to the game, as well as more characters and bullets. Local multiplayer would be an amazing addition as well as it is more fun to play against friends than AI. I would also make more sound effects.

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