There are so many useful examples for parametric modeling created by different people over the time and shared on the web through discussions. These examples are usually very hard to find. Also there is no way to know what is inside the file unless you open them which can be a very time-consuming process. Moreover there are usually so many versions of the same example file available with no easy way to know the changes between the files.

Hydra creates an automated workflow to share the example files on the web using Github repositories. In this way everyone can share their example files on the same platform and github will keep track of the versions which can be accessed from the interface.

What it does

Hydra packages the example file and uploads it to users github fork from Hydra! All Hydra example will be accessible from the Hydra page.

How does it built

Hydra is a set of plugins (one for Grasshopper and one for Dynamo) with a web interface:

Plugins for grasshopper and Dynamo create the package. Anybody can share their examples as far as they have a github account and a fork of Hydra. Watch the video for more details on how it works.

Hydra web interface keeps track of example files uploaded under each fork and visualize them in a single page. Example files can be searched from the page. Example files can be viewed in more details, rated and shared by users.

Since the workflow is built on top of github users can fork example files and create their own versions and share them back.


Don'r share files, share Hydras!

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