We wanted to create a tool for for everyone to level up their productivity across devices. It runs quietly in the background but adds a ton of functionality to your existing clipboard. These are based on things we've always wanted our clipboards to be able to do like being able to copy text from an image or have a computer decide which parts of the text are important to copy.

What it does

After our application is installed, it starts a background process that keeps track of the user's clipboard and also updates it when they copy something on another device. It adds static analysis to the contents of the clipboard to determine when things like long text can be summarized or made shorter.

If the user copies an image it'll also scan the image to see if there's text and prompt the user via a notification that they can choose to copy the text from the image instead of the entire image itself.

Long gone are the days of having to retype something because someone sent it to you in an image.

How we built it

For text summarization and copy and pasting we utilized a few AWS services. For compartmentalization of frontend and backed, we used API Gateway. For text saving and processing, we used Lambda and MeaningCloud's text summarization API. For text storage, we used DynamoDB.

For image processing, we used Google Cloud Vision.

For our local application/frontend, we used Electron.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, our mobile development was unfruitful, due to this being our first time developing a mobile application but also because of security constraints and limitations on clipboard access through a mobile application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to successfully develop an application that allows for cross-platform (for Windows and Mac) copy and pasting, along with a text summarization and text-in-image recognition integration.

What we learned

We learned how to utilize Electron for our needs in terms of clipboard access and notification creation. We also learned how to store text formatted data in DynamoDB.

What's next for UniClip

Developing a mobile version so that we can copy and paste on all platforms, adding API security with preflight header authentication, and reducing delay on the copy paste action with local text and image processing.

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