Small business are closing down at faster rate in our communities, including each 5 boroughs of NYC. Yet there are ways to help them with technology. So We developed UNIBUKS. An app that lets you track your purchases from small businesses, earn points and then exchange those points for rewards from Us.

What it does

Businesses give special QR code upon every purchase which customers scan using our App, which increases their points. With enough points you would be able to get Taco, Haircut, Pizza, Laptop or more depending on how much points you have gathered. We utilize Gamification to make it fun and engaging, and power of Crowd sourcing to let users review and discover other businesses in our network.

How we built it

We built our app using Java and Android. We use Node.js, Mongodb, and Heroku for our Backend. We collaborated using Github and Trello. IBM watson to predict/forecast future number of customers based on data we gather through coupons. Image Recognition to read QR codes.

Challenges we ran into

Despite Lack of working wifi, we ran into problems with getting camera to work and have an overlay over it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Finishing an app in one day
  • Being able to collaborate with complete stranger
  • Learn basic android development in 4 hours
  • Create beautiful wireframes

What we learned

We learned Android Development, and power of dedicated team that is open to ideas with respect for each member. We were able to iterate very fast and improve our app, logo, name, process and come up with creative workarounds for obstacles we ran into

What's next for UNIBUKS

  • Create IOS version.
  • Polish android version
  • Setup website to get Businesses onboard
  • Launch on Product Hunt
  • Integrate Payment system to pay and get paid
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