Inspired by Pokemon Go's AR gameplay, and it's influence on people's activity. It started as a Pokeball-like device and evolved during planning and development.

What it does

Motion-tracked game ball with Android companion app.

How we built it

Arduino with Bosch 9-axis sensor, Bluetooth communication module and battery pack. With lots of help from mentors

Challenges we ran into

Sourcing some of the components. Communication with the device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Hardware hack with four major components, all in harmony, to deliver a unique play experience.

What we learned

None of us came with Arduino skills, so we learned that from scratch. Design thinking and critical analysis of ideation from our mentoring.

What's next for Uniball/Smart ball

Polish, more games and extensibility

  • Miniaturisation of the device
  • Customisation of the enclosure
  • Build out the platform for developers

Built With

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