You control your personal social media life through Facebook and your work life through Yammer. But what website is fully comprehensive when it comes to social media and your education? You don't necessarily want to add classmates to your Facebook friend list but you may want to collaborate with them for classes. The goal of Uni is to provide and connect students of the same colleges and classes together. Uni students can discuss about their major, their specific courses, or even ask questions and form study groups together. Uni is a way of providing a social media outlet for students within universities as well as helping build further connections for future networking.

What it does

Uni allows students in the same university to collaborate, discuss, and study together. Group pages can encompass your specific courses, your majors, or even just your graduating class year. Newsfeeds appear as statuses with students asking questions and creating discussion posts. Furthermore you can form chat groups for class projects for any course.

How I built it

Our group used a mixture of HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)/Javascript (Angular.JS) and Firebase for back-end.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into challenges with getting Firebase to work well with creating groups and subgroups as well as implementing a chat tool. Instead we compromised by leaving these completely static and front-end. The concepts and displays are there still.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

User authentication and account creation through Firebase works. Beautiful front-end design work for login page and home page. Overall just a nice-looking site that captures the goal of the website.

What I learned

We initially did not have a lot of design-experience within our team so we learned a lot on the fly. Furthermore we learned how to work with user-authentication.

What's next for Uni

Just look into developing it more so that we can further progress our skills and learn even more things.

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