With growing technology we are seeing an increase in opinions and events that are shared on the online world. A lot of the times, Getting news from trustworthy, unbiased resources about the world is difficult.What is even more difficult is how little access people from third world countries have to basic rights and a safer life. News organizations only provide information which leads to high viewership. This creates an imbalance in the information spoken about. While millions of articles about news major cities and affluent personas are easily accessible, coverage of rural and indigenous areas is difficult to find. That’s why we created Unheard. Unheard is a news app where people can post news and information from all over the world. If others in the same area, they can vouch for the events taken place. In addition, a Fake-box can be used to determine the legitimacy of world news. This allows for articles written about unpopular topics to have a platform.

LEFT- Raw Articles by users sorted according to geolocation. All articles are present here and are displayed in a short card format which can be expanded if need be.

RIGHT- This is the trending board where articles are moved when verified, up voted or verified using AI system FakeBox using an api. Top up-voted and verified articles are displayed here up-to the list of 50 articles from the raw side.

We have tried maintaining a seamless flow where older articles get archived after a period of 2 months and every upcoming article by anyone(even you) has maximum visibility for the person using the news app.

We worked extensively with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery, Firebase, and AWS server for the Web App. JQuery, Ajax, and node.js were used to implement api calls to fakebox.

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