What do you do when you get burnt out working on your SUPER SRS hackathon project? Some people might come up with silly answers like "take a nap", or "eat a snack", or "walk around the building", or "stop being a nerd and taking everything so seriously" (pfft). Personally, I prefer the "switch to building a totally ridiculous project instead" approach.

Lots and lots of things happen at hackathons, and I felt that it was my duty to come up with something that could generate a list of (almost) all of these events. Using Red Bull, web.py, and every ounce of silliness I possess, I created Unhackathon Storytime. Refresh the page to read a new story about something that could have (maybe possibly probably not) happened this weekend! As the site will (sometimes) tell you, "This may or may not have happened."

Enjoy, and don't forget to take a look at the actual site and the source!

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