It would be interesting to forget for once brands, price and search for products based on what really matters - specs!

What it does

helps you understand the product category and search based on specs

How we built it

we got some specs, wrote some Go, some React and added a dash of PubNub service.

Challenges we ran into

Working with Alexa is hard, maybe it's our accent or maybe that thing doesn't understand humans or maybe it does understand but is evil enough to pretend that it doesn't, only Alexa knows the answer. Watson is also not a straightforward solution, it would be nice to get some more useful services out there. PubNub was nice, we only encountered one issue when unmarshalling JSON into Go struct since it's not very well typed :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got working solution that we can almost trust, the only flaky part is probably mongodb which we used and we are not proud of. Other parts are good. Got free domain.

What we learned

ML based solutions are cool but not very useful, AI boom will bust. PubNub is nice, maybe we will use it somewhere else when they migrate to binary grpc protocol.

What's next for unfuzz

Well, if it will be interesting to anyone - we may continue working on it.

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