What is this, uh, Unforgetter-Thingy?

The Unforgetter!..er is a revolutionary iPhone-con-watché application that takes the outline of your speech and presents the information to you in real time based on how much time that section should take. It buzzes you when your next point is ready to be presented, enabling flawless* rhetorical execution (if only you'd had this in your mandatory high school speech class!) Plus, if you don't click your watch to indicate you want to get the next point for a while, it will relay your point to you in morse code. That's right: morse code is back, baby. And best of all, you get to enter the speech data from your iPhone, so you don't have to fumble through your Apple Watch's seven hundred inadequate text entry methods to find the one you hate the least. To quote the great internet meme, "Wow."

*adjective exaggerated for effect


I was inspired to do this project by [content redacted for political controversy]. On a more serious note, I think it would be great to give those who have trouble with public speaking a tool to equip them with greater confidence. I think fear of public speaking is one of those problems in children still dealt with as if we lived in the 19th-century backwoods--just get over it, Buster--and, frankly, adults could free up some extra mental space for the inflection arena, couldn't we?

How I built it

Swift. Lots and lots of Swift. So much Swift that if you show me another @IBOutlet or deranged punctuation mark I will literally--uh, erm... you'd better be glad my Unforgetter!..er™ isn't around for me to remember this one.

Challenges I ran into

A sIngLe BuG tOoK mE fIvE hOuRs To SolVe. Also, not getting to sleep in the upper floors of Discovery Park was a bummer, but the few hard sprints I took upstairs was worth the trip.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did this on just one cup of coffee, a coke, and a communist coke (known to some strange people as "Pepsi").

What I learned

For all the cleanliness their language purports to have, coding in Swift is kinda jank. Also, where is .. good Swift documentation

Things that look hard but actually weren't

  • The menu
  • The Apple Watch storyboarding

Things that look easy but most certainly weren't

  • Apple Watch-iPhone cross communication
  • Finding non-deprecated Stack Overflow solutions

What's next for Unforgetter!..er

Ask me after I've learned morse code.

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