This project was inspired through brainstorming of my Agora Video SDK (Web) Hackathon project which addressed communicating damage to customer service, the first step in the claims process.

The insurance claims process is often confusing and not personable, resulting in drawn-out investigations with missing information and lack of communication. Insurance policy holders and claims adjusters currently do not have a common platform to share video evidence of car accident damage. Without live broadcasting capabilities, claims adjusters must physically visit a scene of an accident to gather more evidence and a partner repair shop to confirm that the repair was completed properly.

Unfazed helps all parties better engage in the claims process by providing video-sharing and live broadcasting functions.

What it does

Unfazed is a web-based checklist of what is needed from insurance policy holders to file a car accident claim.

It allows the user to input text-based information such as insurance policy information and utilize voice and video call to connect with police and record damage and other conditions.

How I built it

Front End | HTML and CSS

Back End | Javascript, Agora Video SDK (Web), Agora Signaling SDK (Web)

Challenges I ran into

At first, it was hard to integrate other SDKs other than Video since there were not many code samples for web-based apps. In particular, since code samples for the Voice Call SDK were only available for Android and IOS, I was unsure if I could integrate voice calling onto my web app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to integrate the Video and Signaling SDKs into the app.

What I learned

I further learned about more features of the Agora RTC API than previously during the Agora Video SDK Hackathon (Web). I improved my front-end skills.

What's next for Unfazed

I want to build more features to advance the project out of the prototype stage. I envision the app to be optimized for claims in the following insurance sectors:

  • freight (Since the logistics industry usually does not use video technology to confirm damaged freight, repackaging, etc., manufacturers and claims adjusters must make costly decisions based only on text information)
  • real estate (Due to the danger of examining dilapidated building structures, the real estate insurance companies can utilize drones with live broadcasting capabilities to assist with investigations).

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